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The best portable toilet in Australia! 

An innovative solution that's clean and convenient - No chemicals, no odours.

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Laveo DryFlush Electric Toilet

Experience peace of mind with our Laveo DryFlush toilet, backed by a 12-month global warranty. Discover why this product earns an impressive 9.9/10 average score from 13,000+ reviews on



you save $405.00

20,000 Satisfied Customers Worldwide

9.9/10 average score on

12 Month Global Manufacturer Warranty

Trusted choice with 10+ Years Experience

12 Reasons Why This Is The Best Portable Camp Toilet in Australia!

Discover how DryFlush portable toilets deliver a innovative, convenient, and reliable experience.


Preserve your onboard water tank because this type of portable toilet uses no water!


No more super thin "high-risk" toilet papers for you! You can stick to the plush stuff :-)


This battery stays charged for up to 3 months at a time and it makes the toilet 100% portable. Take it anywhere!


You won't be stuck for parts! This power supply is an easy-to-find motor bike battery.

Set up your toilet anywhere in 30 seconds

Ready to go as soon as you need to go! Effortlessly set up your DryFlush toilet in under 30 seconds.

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Clears waste from sight in seconds

Never be caught out looking for the nearest toilet, or having to do your business in the bushes again

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300 flushes on a single charge.

Dryflush has your whole family covered for an entire weekend of caravanning or camping

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Why Choose DryFlush Laveo Portable Toilet

Camping Portable Toilets

An efficient solution with no cartridges or liquid disposal required, offering a reliable and maintenance-free option for mobile living.

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Tiny Home Portable Toilet

The Portable Toilet features a space-saving design, guaranteeing simple installation and comfort without losing efficiency.

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Boat and Marine Portable Toilet

This amazing toilet operates with a patented system using an electric motor, dual fans, and a unique mylar bagging for a superior experience!

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DryFlush Australia Pty Ltd are proudly the exclusive distributors of the Laveo DryFlush toilet and accessories in Australia.


1800 844 962

Proudly based in Brisbane, QLD

ABN 85 662 321 379 7


Uses and Applications

Boat Portable Toilet

Camping Portable Toilet

Caravan Portable Toilet

Truck Portable Toilet

Commode Portable Toilet

Disability Portable Toilet

Tiny House Portable Toilet

Chemical Toilet Alternative

Composting Toilet Alternative

Incinerator Toilet Alternative

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12 Month Warranty

20,000 + sold globally

Trusted 5 Star Reviews

No more cartridge emptying, pooping in bags, composting, or smell!

This incredible portable toilet works via a patented process that uses an electric motor, two fans, a proprietary mylar bagging system, and a healthy dose of physics and engineering.

Concealed under the toilet seat is a removable bagging cartridge that contains a single mylar bag that is more than 5 metres long. When the toilet is “flushed”, the toilet twists the bagging material from under the seat tightly around the human waste, securely sealing in the smell, before pulling down a fresh section of the bag ready for use.

  • There are no liquids or chemicals sloshing around in a holding tank.
  • There are no dump points to find or gag-inducing emptying sessions to be done.
  • There is no lingering smell because your waste is tightly wrapped and sealed each time you flush.
  • The convenient level indicator lets you know when the holding tank is full and needs to be emptied.
  • You simply push the button, and seconds later you're done with your waste, never to be seen or smelled again, all without any wiring, plumbing, water, or ongoing maintenance. 

Why you will LOVE this waterless toilet!

- No Smell

- No Chemicals

- No Liquids

- No Composting

- No Cartridge To Empty

- No Plumbing

- No Council Approvals

- No Jams

- Perfect for Campers

- Install In Under 60-Seconds!


There are no liquids at all in this design, unlike other types of toilets.


Feminine products. String. Solids. Anything! It's not just a box with a toilet seat


You can run it off your inverter or power as well. Perfect for van or RV use.


This is a quality, American-made product! The toilets are made to last. 


Easily the worst job in caravanning or camping is emptying a chemical cassette toilet. Never do that again. Ever!


There are no pipes or plumbing in this patented system. You'll never get a blockage!


Mylar bag with patented fan and bag twisting system seals in the smell. No pit toilet stench. The ultimate green toilet solution.


We absolutely guarantee all aspects of this product for 12-months. The best portable camping toilet you can buy!

Dry Flush is an Australian company that specialises in providing portable toilets for a variety of uses, including camping trips, construction sites, and other outdoor events. The range of products we have includes portable camping toilets, waste tanks, and disposable waste bags, all designed to meet the portable sanitation needs of customers in a variety of settings.

Whether you're planning a camping trip with family or friends, or you're managing a construction site, Dry Flush has the portable sanitation solutions you need. Our range of camping gear and portable camping toilets are carefully designed to withstand regular movement and frequent usage, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor experience without worrying about nature calling.

In addition to providing high-quality portable toilets and camping equipment, Dry Flush is committed to excellent customer service. Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions, help you choose the right product, and provide you with the support you need to make the most of your portable sanitation needs.

One of the key features of Dry Flush's portable toilets is their modern design, which incorporates the latest technology to ensure maximum convenience and sanitation. These toilets are designed using premium materials that are built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, making them some of the most reliable portable sanitation brands available on the market today.

Whether you're looking for a portable camping toilet for your next outdoor adventure, or you need a reliable solution for your construction site, Dry Flush has the perfect product for you. Our portable toilet options are available for sale at a range of budgets, so you can find the best model for your needs without any hassle. So why wait? Contact Dry Flush today and experience the convenience and reliability of our portable sanitation solutions for yourself. 

Got Questions About Buying a Portable Toilet?

Almost every question that you might have about these toilets is answered here in our FAQ section.

Things like:

- Where does the waste go?

- What are the dimensions of the toilet?

- Is it legal to dispose of the waste in a council bin?

And much more!

If you have questions about the prices of our portable toilet solutions or any of the accessories, please click here to visit our shop where everything is listed.

If you still have questions, please submit an inquiry below and we will be back in touch ASAP..

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